Youth Trans Visibility Celebration

Sundays are generally family days for me. And as I prepared myself for PFLAG’s Youth Trans Visibility Event, I had the thought I wanted to stay home to be with my family. As soon as this thought entered my mind, I quickly reminded myself what this event was about: that I get the opportunity to celebrate not only our local transgender community but also the transgender community worldwide…transgender persons who do not have family support because of who they are as people. I can represent the love and acceptance they may not receive at home. Or maybe they do have family support but not the support of their community. On this day I had the privilege to celebrate and honor their lives and stories.

Families and PFLAG members sit together while enjoying the speeches by Andi and Jocelyn.

The PFLAG board members and volunteers all worked hard to provide an event that could be tailored to transgender youth, so that it could truly be a day of celebration. We decorated the room in the transgender flag colors of pink, blue and white. We set up game tables, a cookie decorating table, tables with pink and blue table cloths for participants to sit and a food booth serving nachos. We even had a scavenger hunt where groups of youth received a great big loot of toys for their “hunting efforts”.