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El Paso Police Department Takes Bold Steps Towards LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

In a groundbreaking move, the El Paso Police Department (EPPD) is making significant strides toward creating a more inclusive and respectful environment for transgender and gender-diverse individuals. The recent updates to the police department's policies, known as "Constitutional Policing," were presented to the El Paso City Council, marking a positive shift in the relationship between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community.

A Collaborative Effort

According to a report by Brianna Perez from KVIA Abc 7, the City Council discussed the development of additional police department policies related to gender-diverse individuals and bias-free policing. These changes stem from the Council's directive to evaluate and improve how transgender and gender-diverse individuals are identified both internally and externally by the EPPD.

One of the key developments is the collaboration between the El Paso Police Department and various community groups, including the Borderland Rainbow Center, Sun City Pride, and other diverse organizations. The goal is to create a committee that works collectively to address the concerns and needs of the transgender community.

New Policies in Action

The EPPD's new policies emphasize respecting individuals' dignity, human rights, and constitutional rights. Officers will now ask every person they encounter about their preferred name, gender identity, and pronouns, demonstrating a commitment to acknowledging and respecting each individual's identity.

Additionally, officers conducting frisks will communicate the reasons for reasonable suspicion, providing transparency and accountability. The EPPD has also committed to producing quarterly reports on bias-based policing complaints, enhancing transparency and accountability within the department.

Reaction from the Community

Executive Director of the Borderland Rainbow Center, Amber Perez, expressed support for the new policies, emphasizing the collaborative effort to create procedures that ensure equal treatment for everyone. The policies aim to foster open conversations and mutual respect between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community.

However, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Some critics argue against what they perceive as an imposition of ideals. Nonetheless, the EPPD has addressed these concerns by involving the community in the policy development.


The El Paso Police Department's commitment to creating a more inclusive environment for transgender and gender-diverse individuals is a positive step forward. By actively involving the community in policy development, the EPPD fosters collaboration and understanding between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community. These policies are a foundation for ongoing conversations and improvements to ensure that El Paso remains safe and welcoming for all its residents.

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