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Here are some at-home activities to...

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Join a fun, relaxing bird-watching livestream!


Do you need to get something off your mind? Write it out anonymously and receive support from other anonymous users. Then, lend an ear to another person who needs it and provide anonymous words of encouragement to other posters!


Use vibrant colors to create your own personal nebula!


Relax and recenter yourself with this visual deep breathing exercise. Adjust the timing to match your body and counter your stress. Breathe, you got this!

DIY Fashion Fun Activities

Creating your own fashion at home is a fun way to be creative.

Future Me

Send a letter to your future self!

Color: A Matching Game

Try to find perfect matches to the colors you’re given!

Weave Silk

Try your hand at designing spectacular virtual tapestries with silk!

100,000 Stars

Take a tour of our stellar neighborhood with this interactive virtual experience! Click on individual stars to learn their stories or experience a tour and meet the neighbors!

Take a chance and a break with this cute website that offers a variety of photos and videos of animals at random.

This is Sand

Create murals with grains of sand!

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