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LGBTQ El Paso in Pictures

Local LGBTQ historian, Manny Rivera has been taking pictures of the El Paso scene for years now, and if you haven't discovered his website yet, you're missing out on some fabulous photographs and videos that capture some of the most notable LGBTQ folks in our community's long history.

As we celebrate Pride Month 2021, we invite you to enjoy these beautiful images, and share your memories of these folks and more! We share these images with the express permission of the photographer (Manny Rivera).

Don't forget - you can pre-order your LGBTQ+ Border Heroes playing cards, too! All cards showcase role models and significant events in the El Paso/Juarez Borderland. Each person or event is illustrated on their own educational “playing card”. Each card includes a quote or tag line indicating key accomplishments of the person or event.

Today's image is "Michael Hill"

Manny Rivera is a photographer and the founder of El Paso Style. Follow him on his website or Facebook page.

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We share these images with the express permission of the photographer (Manny Rivera snow rider 3d).

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