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Why I love the BRC

I am a kid that goes to the Borderland Rainbow Center (BRC). The BRC is a place people can come when they are learning about who they are.

First, I love the BRC because I get to talk to Dr. Brenda. She is the founder of the BRC, she always has great stories. My favorite way to help the BRC is to buy Dr. Brenda’s homemade earrings. I also use my birthday money to buy chairs so that all the people at the BRC can sit down.

Second, I love the BRC because I get to met new people. The people at the BRC are diverse and have great personalities. The people at the BRC support equality, children to senior citizens, no matter what body you’re born into or how short or long your hair is. The people at the BRC talk about real life situations they have experienced firsthand and how to deal with them, like racism, sexism, and bullying.

Finally, I love the BRC because they give back to the community. They have brunch every first Sunday of the month. They also have food pantry every week on Monday and Friday. The staff also offer hygiene products. I give to the community by buying food for brunch at the BRC.

I am welcome at the BRC and we are looking for donations no matter how big or small.

That is why the BRC is a safe place.

By Cora R., age 10

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