Who's Angry?

Guest Blog by Cordilia Acree, MSW intern

Marsha P. Johnson, pictured above was the quintessential angry black transwoman who threw the brick that started the riot outside of the Stonewall Inn. She held her anger at police harassment, discrimination, and trans- and homophobia in until she finally could no longer do so without losing her sense of self. Then she strategically unleashed her rage to effect change, and never backed down from a fight from that moment on.

If you turn on the news or log on to social media, you are guaranteed to see one or two things: the new COVID-19 case count or something about racism in America. No matter how you identify, the current events in the world have affected you in some way.

This post was supposed to be about something different, but yesterday I was asked by someone who I considered a friend for the past fifteen years that cut deep. The question was,

"Why are Black women always so angry?"