The Room of Requirement - Guest Blogger Jennifer Dahlgren-Richardson

Hogwarts Room of Requirement

Over the last year I have been taking my students to the Borderland Rainbow Center and begun volunteering and sending consumers to get services from the BRC. I have learned to call the little house at the BRC home. As a queer Deaf woman I am welcomed with open arms. Understand I am extremely passionate about two things. Equality for all people and Harry Potter.

So every time I go to the little BRC house I am amazed at what it can do. I have been there when they turn it into a grocery store and distribute fruits, vegetables, chocolate milk and chicken nuggets to nearly 100 people. I have seen the little BRC house become a family living room where people from all walks of life come together at Brunch to share a meal, laughter and support. Where no matter what your family looks like you are perfect. I have seen it transform into a safe space so that teenagers can ask about pronoun preference without judgement as the cupcakes are passed around. And they were good cupcakes too. Then the very next time I walk into the little BRC house there is counseling happening in a back room where young people are supported on their journey to self-identity and another counselor is providing care for people in a variety of languages.

I have sat in a board meeting where amazing people from around the community sit on couches and lawn chairs and give so se