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Life-Changing Drag Performance

Guest post by Moroni Deanda AKA Dede Camacho, Drag Queen Story Hour - El Paso coordinator

The program Drag Queen Story Hour began in 2015 with the goal to "inspire love and acceptance". Since then, there have been more than 51 chapters around the world to teach lessons on diversity, self love and appreciation of others.

My experience...has impacted my life in ways that I couldn't have imagined.

My experience with the Borderland Rainbow Center and Drag Queen Story Hour - El Paso has impacted my life in ways that I couldn't have imagined. For example, I have been given the opportunity to work with children while showcasing my art form of drag. To influence others with this art form has opened my eyes that there is an audience and that they are listening to what I'm saying - especially the young viewers. I have been doing drag for a decade now, and I have never had the same kind of love and support that I get from our viewers that watch our Story Hours.

On January 30th 2021, DQSH El Paso was invited to host a 5 year old's birthday party at 5:00 PM upon finishing our monthly Story Hour. We were booked to host this party because Alejandrina (the mother of 5 year old Scarlett) had been a fan of our Story Hours and knew we specialized in working with children. Most importantly, Scarlett wanted a Drag Queen to attend her birthday party because she is simply obsessed with the sparkles, hair, and makeup.

It wasn't until the birthday party...that I realized that I matter.

It wasn't until the birthday party that took place January, 30th in El Paso, Texas that I realized that I matter. I was a bit nervous at first before attending the birthday party Saturday afternoon because I didn't know what the reaction of the family or Scarlett was going to be, but as soon as I started to strut the sidewalk and Scarlett got a glimpse of my shiny dress - also the excitement in her voice saying " A Drag Queen!" - made me feel secure and loved by this beautiful girl that watches our Story Hours.

Making someone feel the way that Scarlett felt on her birthday has impacted my life by validating my work and effort that I put towards my Drag. I have received nothing but love and acceptance since then. I really enjoy being part of this organization that has brought me to opportunities like Scarlett's birthday party.


Moroni Deanda AKA Dede Camacho has been the Coordinator of Drag Queen Story Hour - El Paso since January 2021. Queen Dede, as the kids know her, has performed almost entirely virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic, and has helped our chapter continue its commitment to provide safe, inclusive and fabulous Story Hour events once a month. Queen Dede can be reached at

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