Lessons Learned About a Gay Life in El Paso

Guest Post from Ted Escobedo

At 51 I don’t feel old, but I recognize that I am not young. This realization is something new for me. I never felt the need to stay young forever or live life as I did in my twenties, but I’m not ready up hang up my fabulously gay shoes just yet.

I’m a middle-aged gay man who has lived in El Paso all my life. I am the product of a Mexican-American household that boasted nine children. I was number nine. We were far removed from all the Mexican traditions like quinceañeras and Día de los Muertos ceremonies. We were also distant from the red, white and blue American Dream. And, the term ‘Chicano’ had more punch than we were comfortable with. We were simply, El Pasoans. Which is to say we weren’t exactly any one thing other than that unique mix of language, culture, tradition and values. And I love it. Being gay in El Paso has been a comfortable life for me.