FYI: It's Not About Abortion

Updated: May 31, 2019

I think by now we’ve all seen the news over the last few months about the legislation and laws designed to “protect life”. I’m very angry about it, and I’m sure some of you are too. I would really like to use stronger language than “angry” to describe my feelings. Rage? Definitely rage, but more colorful language is really needed to do my feelings justice. You see, I know what this legislation is really about, and FYI, it’s not about abortion.

I know some of you are already with me on this, but let’s talk about it. None of this is about abortion. None of this is about protecting life. If it was, then the people who create, sponsor, and sign into law these pieces of legislation would also be creating, sponsoring, and signing into law legislation which supports access to social services and healthcare, improves education, and improves wages and workers’ rights…but they aren’t. If these lawmakers really believed life begins at conception, and if it was really about protecting life, then there would be legislation to stop the destruction of embryos at fertility clinics…but there isn’t. This is about control. Controlling women. Controlling reproduction. Controlling bodies. Controlling choice.

When people see or hear that statement, that this is about controlling women, the perception is often that it’s only about controlling cisgender heterosexual women, able-bodied women. It’s not. For all the exclusion and discrimination being legislated against the LGBTQ community and others, one thing that’s not discriminatory and is fully inclusive are anti-choice and anti-abortion laws. These policies also aren’t ageist or ableist. In fact, these may be the most inclusive pieces of legislation ever. If you have a uterus, no matter your age, ability, health, sexual orientation, or gender identity, you are subject to the consequences of these laws. If you are a Lesbian woman, or a Transgender man who has not undergone surgery to remove reproductive organs, you are included. If you are immobile, if you have a chronic illness, if you have a diminished mental capacity, if you are at retirement age, if you are 9 years-old, you are included. If you have a uterus and become pregnant, and in the case of the recently signed law in Alabama no matter the circumstances surrounding how that pregnancy came to be, if you are deemed to be able to remain pregnant without guaranteed threat to your life, your state government can mandate that you remain pregnant. And according to the law which is suppo