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A Different Type of Medicine

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

It is often beyond terrifying to face the terrors we have experienced in our lives as there is no logic, reason, or “deserving” of such things. Yet, the wounds are still as present and how do I tend to it, when it is so scary to look at?

Therapy can often be intimidating as the mirror is almost too intense, unable to know where that energy goes once it’s opened up. The thought of,”My wound is still present after the hour, how to I tend to it? How do I tend to it without hurting it more?”

That’s where these workshops about Healing Sexual Trauma come in. There is a gentleness in our community as those who are in healing are around you, learning with you, and guiding you for what you’re ready for. With these workshops, we intend to invoke a gentle spirit that has been lost through colonialism offering traditional/holistic healing, a variety of practices aiding wellness and recovery. The workshops are a wonderful support to therapy or a beginning or continuation of your journey of self-discovery.

We seek out masters in their crafts, especially those of BIPOC origins, who have used such treasures to heal themselves and their community. We recognize the impacts of intersectionality in our wounds, what we have internalized, and are currently deconstructing. We create a place that involves the magic of healing, recognizing you know your wound best, teaching us all how to honor what we’re ready for, and what works best for each of us in this present moment. We want to empower people becoming their own healers, recognize their own strength, and go from surviving to thriving as they share their healing with others.

By Alex Ramirez, Healing Sexual Trauma in the Borderlands Program Director

Upcoming workshops include:

Saturday, January 22nd - 2-6pm MST Online - Art Seeds: Cultivating Vision, Hope, and Possibilities - presented by Maria Perez

To register, go to:

Saturday, February 19th - 2-6pm MST Online - Embodied Movement: How to Use Your Body to Process Trauma

TBD March (third Saturday, typically ) Healer Karessa

TBD April (third Saturday, typically ) Jackie Barragan Sweatlodge

Saturday, May 20th - 2-6pm MST - Shadow Work with Lee Soto (Writing Workshop)

Saturday, June 18th - 2-6pm MST - Writing our Way to Healing - KB Brookins

Saturday, July 23rd - 2-6pm MST - It's Me I'm Running From with Aida Ayers - Performance and Workbook

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