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Healing sexual trauma in the borderlands
meet our artists

Reiki Master and Tarot Reader

Michelle Morales

Michelle Morales is the owner of Little Bit Witchy. She's a tarot reader, tea leaf reader, and a Usui Reiki Master. She's been reading tarot for 12 years. and met her Reiki Master 3 years ago. That's when her Reiki Journey began. She has been a Reiki Master for almost 2 years, working with clients with physical pain, anxiety, depression, sexual traumas, manifestation and chakra alignment. Michelle's goal is to help people with their healing process in ways that people wouldn't normally choose first. She makes it her mission to help her clients feel comfortable and safe, because she has gone through her own trials and traumas. Michelle knows how much trust can go a long way into the healing process. Her spiritual journey has been a big part of her own healing and motivated her to help others with their healing journey.

Breathwork Guide & Aura Photographer

Sara E. Silverstein

Sara E. Siverstein (she/her) Sara is a dynamic soul who has lived a few lifetimes in one. She has experienced the heart wrenching pain of her partner leaving in the middle of the night, survived living in the depths of a Brooklyn ghetto and then transformed her existence to live a successful life in Corporate America. Her journey has been vast and colourful and it eventually led her to fleeing America to travel the world. She loves with her whole heart and emphatically holds space for every soul she meets. Sara loves to hosts Transformational Breathwork Journeys virtually and wherever her soul lands.

Teacher of Sound and Frequency Carrier, Metatronia Master, and Raindrop Technique Specialist

Cesar Lujan

Cesar Lujan was born and raised in El Paso but moved away while in college. He initiated his spiritual journey 20 years ago in NYC through the rediscovery of crystals and their healing powers. Throughout this time he learned so much and received various certifications such as Advanced Crystal Master, Karuna and Usui Reiki Master, Teacher of Sound and Frequency Carrier, Metatronia Master, and Raindrop Technique Specialist; but it wasn’t until July of 2021, that he was able to bring all this knowledge back home to El Paso, TX. Cesar feels blessed and extremely grateful for such a warm reception and wants to continue to share all he has to give with the people in order for us to grow, share, and build community as the strong city we are.

Artist, poet, actress and healing performer

Gabrielle Lennon

Gabrielle Lennon has worked for more than twenty-five years as a professional actress on stage and in film, as a published writer in multiple genres, and as a teaching artist. She attended summer drama programs at Carnegie-Mellon and Yale Universities. Lennon graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Performance Studies (Analysis, Interpretation and Performance of Prose, Poetry and Drama) and an honors program in Creative Writing for the Media, where she studied with Edgar-Award-winner, Stuart Kaminsky and Tony-and-Drama-Desk Award-winning director, Frank Galati. Her work focused on analysis, interpretation, and performance of prose, poetry, and drama, and on creative writing. Lennon’s books are Touch Me Real and Other Stories and After Midnight: A Book of Poetry. Her solo show, Touch Me Real, which she’s been showing on Zoom since the pandemic began, is the winner of several awards.

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