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Wordle word puzzle game suddenly became a trending topic on social networks, despite its simple form and no special features.

wordle game, developed by programmer Josh Wardle in New York, is available on the App Store and web browser as free from October 2021. The game got off to a humble start with 90 players per day. In November, this number increased to 300,000. However, as of this week, the game recorded more than two million participants.

On social networks, Wordle is becoming a trending topic with a series of articles sharing the results achieved, or playing tips.

Wardle herself was also surprised with Wordle's "heat". He shared on NPR that the game was created for one of his partners, Palak Shah - who loves charades. Shah later joined Wardle in developing the game.

"When I created the game, I said no to the usual features of a mobile game: no notifications to keep players engaged, no annoying ads. I simply wanted people to have fun with the game. it," Wardle said. He himself rated Wordle as feverish for its simplicity and accessibility, but also full of challenges.

Adam Procter, head of the Department of Game Design at the University of Southampton, says part of Wordle's appeal is that it makes players feel like they're going back to the early days of the internet, where games were small, feature-simple. still popular. This expert also thinks of popular games thanks to other simple gameplay before such as Flappy Bird, 2048 or Threes.

Professor Chris Headleand, Head of Game Design Technology at Staffordshire University, thinks Wordle is getting more attention due to people staying at home during Covid-19 and something entertaining in a really simple way. "A short game a day is a welcome reminder for everyone, encouraging them to take more time off from working from home," says Headleand.

Simple gameplay

Wordle does not display ads and is not required to provide personal information. The player's task is only to guess a word with 5 significant letters and is allowed to guess 6 times.

When the user types in each word and presses Enter, the letters in the correct position and in the answer will be green; letters in the answer but in the wrong place will be displayed in yellow; and wrong letters will be gray. After finding the correct one, the player must put the letters together to make the word that makes sense in the last row.

Interestingly, Wordle only offers one word per day, which is the same for every player globally. Players can also only play once per day, whether the guess is right or wrong. Once done, they can share the results on social media. However, this section only displays the playing time, the number of times the correct word is predicted, and displays it as a colored box instead of the correct keyword to avoid revealing the results.

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