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Are kids eligible for an ESA? - 2022 Guide

The trend of adopting an emotional support animal is getting more and more common these days. With the rise in numbers of people with mental illnesses, more people are leaning towards keeping pets in order to get emotional support. You can spot many people with their emotional support animal letter while they take them out. People prefer taking their ESAs out and about with them as they provide help for issues such as social anxiety.

Cats provide unconditional love and support to their owners, and as human beings cannot survive on their own, their love is appreciated by their owners. Although cats are not able to provide the help that service animals do, they help their owners in regard to mental issues. The companionship that they provide helps with keeping a person calm and easing their stress and anxiety. In order to keep an ESA cat at home, all that you need is a legitimate ESA letter for housing. This letter will allow you to keep your cat in your home and take it places where it might not be allowed even.

Cats have proven to be good companions for people who have adopted them for emotional support purposes. Their playful nature distracts people from their stress, which is why they can be the ideal house pets. Once you receive your ESA letter, it becomes easy to take care of your pet and keep them around. Since there is a reservation about cats not being very good companions, here are a number of cat breeds that dispel this misconception. It has been observed that cats are very good at sensing when their owner needs help.

The American Bobtail is a native American cat. It is medium in size and has a tail that is half the size of a normal cat’s tail, hence the name, bobtail. These cats come in different colors but the most common ones are black, brown, and white breeds.

This breed of cat is famous for its loyalty. But other than that, they love playing with toys, humans and they can also be trained to perform different tricks. The American Bobtail is known to be adaptive to its surroundings, which makes it an ideal choice for emotional support. These cats are playful and can stay busy for as long as they like. They love playing fetch, like dogs. They are good with being obedient kitties and listening to the instructions of their owner.

As the name suggests, these cats look a lot like dolls with their brightly colored eyes and a full coat of fur; Ragdolls make a perfect cuddle partner. These cats are gentle and well-mannered and love being in the company of their owner. This cat breed is easy-going and loving towards their family. They are even good with kids, making them an ideal companion. These cats enjoy petting and cuddling so much so that they can go limp in their owner’s arms. They like to be held for longer periods of time. Ragdoll can be trained like a dog; they can learn tricks such as rolling over and playing fetch. The loving nature of this cat breed makes it a great choice for an emotional support animal.

The Persian cat breed is notorious for being a classic and beautiful cat. They come from Iran, olden day Persia, hence the name. They are medium in size and can be recognized by their long and thick coat of fur. They are one of the most wanted cat breeds in the world and hence do not need any introduction.

There are several animals that can provide emotional support to their owners. Usually, when one hears about emotional support animals they imagine an ESA cat or an emotional support dog letter. It is a common perception about cats that they might not be able to provide the necessary emotional and mental support to their owners. Cats are famous for their self-centered nature, which often makes people think that they would not be good emotional support animals. However, this is not the case.

Persian cats are not loving towards everyone. They pick their favorite person out of the clan and shower immense love on them. They do not like to entertain strangers and may even hide in their presence. They are playful in nature and like to play with a yarn ball or a stringy toy. However, it depends on what they are in the mood to do. These cats do not adapt to their environment very easily so it is better if you do not plan to move around a lot. Moving a lot can cause the Persian cat to suffer from anxiety.

Maine Coon is one of the most famous breeds of cats in North America. This cat is beautiful with its thick and fluffy fur, and it can grow up to the size of an average-sized dog. They are considered to be the largest breed of cats. These cats are well-behaved and can be trained to perform tricks as well. They are friendly in nature and make a convenient family pet. Maine Coons have a lot of fur, which requires daily grooming but it is one of the factors that makes them an ideal companion for emotional support.

The Russian blue cat has a shimmery blue-grey coat of fur and shining green eyes. It is a quiet and sensitive cat but it is very intelligent and easy to love. Their sensitivity is what makes them such a good companion for emotional support. They can sense when their owner is feeling sad, angry, or anxious, and you can always count on them to be there for you when you need them.

If you’re also planning on getting a cat as an esa letter online, this list would help you choose the most suitable breed according to your requirement. So choose wisely!

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