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iPhone podcasting is the answer to our prayers. how to record a podcast on iphone The ability to record from your iPhone means spontaneity is no longer a stranger. Gone are the days of needing to book a studio session or haul heavy recording equipment around with you. Plus, it looks like remote podcasting is here to stay, which means international guests are likely to be a permanent fixture of many podcast shows. Luckily for us, Apple’s iPhones boast superb audio and video recording capability, so you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of your podcast. Nor do you need to worry about shipping your participants the correct equipment - everyone has an iPhone these days!In this article, we’ll cover the easiest and best way to record a podcast on your iPhone. We’ll outline what equipment you’ll need, which podcast recording app to use, and how to record a studio-quality podcast using’s brand new iOS app. Let’s jump in.

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