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I am a Bachelor of Social Work Intern at the Borderland Rainbow Center. I attend Campbellsville University Carver School of Social Work in Campbellsville, Kentucky. I was born in Northern Michigan where you can smell the pine trees, embrace the fall colors, pick your blueberries fresh every morning and also be burried in several feet of snow in just minutes. But, I spent most of my teen years in Woodridge, Illinois, a Northwest Suburb of Chicago. My mother decided to move from Michigan to Illinois in search of better opportunities for herself, my younger sister and I.

I also spent four years in the United States Army, traveling all over the world. That journey just recently ended for me. As that journey ended, my new journey started.

I have a passion to help others who sometimes need a helping hand. Being an open lesbian myself, the rights and laws protecting LGBTQ folk sit near to my heart.

I am starting my third month at the Boderland Rainbow Center as in intern, which I have loved every moment of. Social Work is all about helping people live a fulfilling life and helping people get their voice heard. Everyone is entitled to have their voice heard, everyone is entitled to equality.

Victoria Doster

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